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How Technology Simplifies Tax Paying for Small Business

Operating a business of your very own can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. It comes with its share of burdens, though — not the least of which is the responsibility of paying taxes. Even small businesses can make for a complex maze of tax situations you will have to unravel when the season rolls around…

Inspirational Lessons for Entrepreneurs From the Great Outdoors

Image via Pexels Inspiration can come from some unusual places. For budding entrepreneurs, one unexpected source of business inspiration is the great outdoors. Surprisingly, there are many things you can learn about business, leadership, and perseverance from nature and the great wide open. Here’s how it can be done. Look Before You Leap According to…

The Essential Guide to Naming Your New Business

Names are decisive and defining, which means you have to be careful when picking one for your new business. You want a name that embodies the essence of your company while still being catchy and memorable. Further, it must tick all the legal boxes – you don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes.  Here’s a…